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The Prayer Resource That Will Show You How to Wield Your Sword So You Can Fight Victoriously. Do you want to know how to pray regarding the situations in YOUR life? Perhaps you’ve felt like me: you just want to stop wasting time and see victory in your spiritual warfare! Use the done-for-you Scripture section to harness the power of praying the Word.

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Introducing the Scripture Arsenal — a Prayer Resource That Will Show You How to Wield Your Sword So You Can Fight Victoriously

My Story

There was a time when I was unsure how to fight the spiritual attacks that were coming against me. When I tried to figure it out, I wondered if I was wasting my time. I felt defeated…because I was defeated!

I needed things to change. I needed a greater understanding of spiritual warfare and how to pray! I needed victory!

I decided that I was going to give it another shot. I wasn’t just going to let the enemy beat me up. I knew that living afraid wasn’t working.

I knew that I had no idea what God’s promises were regarding my situation. I’m sure you’ve felt this in your life before, yeah?

So I started looking up specific verses to pray and began to see victory. Then I realized I could do this for ALL areas of my life. So I started compiling verses for whatever I was going through. And finally, I learned to pray with precision using my authority in Christ. 

All that compiling took years. I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to take that long!

What’s Included

Note: to receive the add-on pack in addition to the Scripture Arsenal, please choose “add-on” when adding to cart.

PART 1 is a spiritual warfare handbook. This section breaks down what spiritual warfare is, how it applies to you, and how to engage in it.

PART 2 is the Scripture Arsenal that gives you 40 topics of verses. Included in this section are tips for strategic prayer and points to pray for spiritual maturity.

The APPENDICES give you a complete guide on how to pray—all questions answered. 

In addition to the Scripture Arsenal eBook, you get:

Prayer Maximizer: 4 Templates to Tackle Prayer Needs. After you select applicable verses to go with each need, it’s all in one place ready for you to pray through on multiple days.

Prayer Journaling Sheets. Great if you like prayer journaling or want some prompts to get you started.

Answered Prayer Sheet. Record answered prayers for future encouragement.


a world where you could…

no longer feel helpless in prayer but instead pray with precision using your authority in Christ. Choose to harness the power of praying the Word. It’s important, right?

So when you get a copy of the Scripture Arsenal, you’re getting:

  • My teaching on spiritual warfare so you can come out on top when you’re under attack
  • The done-for-you Scripture locations and passages so you can save time trying to find applicable verses
  • All the info on how to pray so you can stop feeling overwhelmed

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Scripture Arsenal is very easy to use on your device. I’ve used it myself digitally many times! You’ll probably want to use this eBook as a regular reference too (I do!). It’s hyperlinked so you can click from the Table of Contents straight to any section. And at the bottom of each page is a link to take you back to the Table of Contents, making navigation a breeze. So no, you won’t need anything else!

Not at all! The Scripture Arsenal is written in an easy-to-understand way so that all Christians can benefit.

Have you ever felt discouraged “in the moment”? The teaching inside is a great reminder and encouragement when you need to hear it most. Additionally, the Scripture passages section is a very convenient time saver!

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