Fasting and Prayer Bundle

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The Fasting and Prayer Bundle is a combination of the Biblical Fasting Kit and the Scripture Arsenal eBook with Add-on Pack at a discount for buying it as a bundle. Please see our other listings to purchase the items separately. **This is a digital and printable product. Nothing will be mailed. Due to the digital nature of all purchases, we do not offer refunds.** 

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What’s Included

Both include an Electronically Fillable option if you don’t have a printer. (Simply type directly onto the document on your device, and it automatically saves.)

16-page eBook: Mini Guide: Purposeful Fasting Tips; 8-Point Fasting Strategy; 8-Point Fasting Strategy Worksheets; Fasting Heart Check; Yield to God Verses & Declarations; 5-Day Fasting Reading & Reflection Plan

Scripture Cards with verses to help you yield to God

Fasting Wall Art to display on your wall to inspire you

Let’s take a look inside this 80-page eBook!

PART 1 is a spiritual warfare handbook. This section breaks down what spiritual warfare is, how it applies to you, and how to engage in it.

PART 2 is the Scripture Arsenal that gives you 40 topics of verses. Included in this section are tips for strategic prayer and points to pray for spiritual maturity.

The APPENDICES give you a complete guide on how to pray—all questions answered. 

Prayer Maximizer: 4 Templates to Tackle Prayer Needs. After you select applicable verses to go with each need, it’s all in one place ready for you to pray through on multiple days.

Prayer Journaling Sheets. Great if you like prayer journaling or want some prompts to get you started.

Answered Prayer Sheet. Record answered prayers for future encouragement.

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