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Best Viewpoint Mini-Course (5 Video Tutorials + Course Materials)
Best Viewpoint Mini-Course (5 Video Tutorials + Course Materials)
Best Viewpoint Mini-Course (5 Video Tutorials + Course Materials)
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Best Viewpoint Mini-Course (5 Video Tutorials + Course Materials)

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The Best Viewpoint Mini-Course is for those who desire to remove the mindsets taking them off target in their Daily Time with God.

The Best Viewpoint Mini-Course is for you if you:

  • Don't know what to do in your Daily Time with God
  • Question God's acceptance of you
  • Struggle to make time for God during extremely busy seasons
  • Need to take your Daily Time from duty to thrill
  • Could use some long-lasting encouragement to keep moving forward

This material works no matter how long you've been a Christian!

This was the first time I made videos. Although I tried to make them professional, you'll probably notice some nervousness and maybe a bit of awkwardness coming through at times. But I know you will see how God transformed the raw spaces of my heart. I could spend more time perfecting the presentation, but I chose not to so you can get the encouragement you need right away.

What's Included in the Best Viewpoint Mini-Course

Avoiding It

  • Lesson 1: Avoiding Daily Time with God Because You Sinned (Video, 5:29) 
  • Workbook: Daily Time™ Reflection

It's a Duty

  • Lesson 2: Going from Duty to Thrill in Your Daily Time with God (Video, 5:41)
  • Inspiring Lock Screens

Too Busy

  • Lesson 3: Keeping a Daily Time in Busy Seasons (Video, 9:09)
  • Cards: Verses for On-The-Go

Daily Time Q&A

  • Lesson 4: Readers' Q&A About a Daily Time (Video, 13:52)
  • Prayer Sheet: Pray the Word
  • Work It Out with God Worksheet

Worship Matters

  • Lesson 5: Why Worshipping God Needs to Be Part of Your Daily Time (Video, 5:11)
  • Workbook: Practicing Praises

Imagine what would it feel like to:

  • Identify false perceptions about God
  • Know key strategies to overcome
  • Discover the exact delays and how to get started growing again
  • Realize what to pray when you don't know what to say
  • Have freedom in worshipping your Creator
  • Go on an enjoyable adventure with God—on a regular basis
  • Keep tools at your fingertips to thrive in your relationship with God


It’s been transformational to say the least. Both mind and spirit. My favorite part is that I can see relatable feature of the instructor through the lessons. I recommend this course to others because it will transform and mature their thinking in the things of GOD. — Mareka Haynes

Thanks for the practical advice about worshiping and praising God when alone with Him so that when you are with others it will come easily and won't feel strange. I have had trouble with that for years and yet the solution is so simple. Thanks for this course. It has been a real help. — Anne Barke

I know what it's like to:

  • feel stuck in my walk with God
  • think I'm not worthy to be in His presence
  • avoid spending time with God when He doesn't seem...good

Yep, I'm getting honest here. But I also know what it's like to go deep with God and worship with an obedient heart—because He is so worth it! In my walk with God at times I will tenaciously pursue breakthrough and as a result experience the joy in yielding. I want to share how I did this and how I keep God first even when life is hard.

Best Viewpoint Mini-Course Additional Details

** This is a digital product and all materials can be immediately downloaded to your computer for lifetime access after purchase. 

** Wondering how long you need to go through the course? Think of going to a half-day seminar with workshop sessions where you can begin to apply the material right away. Take two or three hours and have a personal retreat with God.

** All worksheets that require writing have an electronically fillable option if you are without access to a printer. This is supplied at no extra charge.
** Note this product takes several minutes to download. Please see the download instructions (link in footer) for more information.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT will be mailed to you. Because this is a downloadable product, no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations will be accepted. If you have an issue with your order, please reply back to your order confirmation

Go through this course and you'll get closer to God. Ready to adopt new mindsets of grace and freedom in your Daily Time with Him? Get started today!

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